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Up Copywriting Communications is a proactive partner that stands for growth, positivity and global business experience.

Liesbeth De Smedt launched Up to help companies elevate their communications and grow their international presence. She is a freelance copywriter and communications expert, who has received multiple awards during her career.

Liesbeth is a citizen of the world with 15 years of work experience in the United States, Europe and Asia, who has returned to her roots. For more than a decade, she was responsible for global external and internal communications at Philips. Prior to that, she worked five years for well-known clients like Sony as well as online start-ups in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

Copywriter English - Dutch

  • Writing and editing SEO-friendly content
  • Creating international positioning

Communications expert

  • Strategic communications counsel and a winning communications plan
  • Team workshops and individual coaching for leaders and employees

Up elevates your company image

Some meanings of the word ‘up’ that Liesbeth De Smedt wants to bring to her clients.

  • Growth

    Is your company already active abroad or do you want to attract international clients? Then your company needs a stronger international presence. For starters, you need English content on your website.

  • Positivity

    Up offers your company a fresh perspective and a enthusiastic approach. In line with your company culture, Liesbeth creates engaging stories for your clients and employees.

  • Visibility

    Your website will score higher in Google with the right words and SEO-friendly copywriting. When you pick up on relevant trends and themes, your company will stand out and you will build thought leadership.

  • Ahead of the competition

    By analyzing the communications landscape and industry your company is in, Up can advise you on the best opportunities with the highest return on investment.

B2B and B2C experience

Technology | Medtech | Healthcare | Smart lighting | Software | Design | AR VR XR Metaverse | Construction | Lifestyle
Travel | Sustainability | Fintech | Entertainment | FMCG | Consumer electronics | Horticulture | Culture | Telecom

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