Copywriter English - Dutch

Ask Up to write for your business.

Here’s an overview of Liesbeth De Smedt’s copywriting services:

Bilingual English - Dutch

Such a time saver when you can brief a bilingual copywriter in one go. Someone who can put your vision into writing in impeccable English and Dutch.

SEO-friendly content

Up writes all types of texts for your business, suitable for website, mobile and print formats. Liesbeth is used to working as a ghostwriter with limited input or based on interviews.

Proofreader and editor

Do you prefer to write yourself and do you only want someone to proofread your texts? Liesbeth is a trained linguist and can improve your writing in terms of spelling, grammar, vocabulary or structure.

External announcements

Up finds the gems in your company and can cover them in newsworthy stories to attract the attention of journalists or to go viral on social media.

Internal announcements

Up creates engaging stories that are In line with your company culture, for your intranet, newsletters, massmail, narrowcasting and town halls. Stories that engage both leaders and employees alike.

Communications specialization

Up creates messaging, positioning, press releases or awards entries. Companies and agencies can also partner with Up to edit content written by employees.

Way of working

Together, we determine the best approach, depending on the type of project and your preferences as a client.

Up works at an hourly rate or with packages that include the following:

  • Briefing
  • Text in English and/or Dutch
  • Feedback round
  • Finalizing text
  • Evaluation / Follow-up