Communications expert


Ask Up to be the communications expert for your business.

Here’s an overview of Liesbeth De Smedt’s communications services:

Global communications plan

Up is your go-to partner for a strategic and customized PR plan that you can deploy worldwide. Liesbeth spent 15 years working for multinational conglomerates and start-ups in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Strategic communications counsel

Up counsels clients on how to position their products and services properly with stakeholders around the globe to help them grow and get ahead of the competition.

Thought leadership on LinkedIn

How do you identify experts within your company and cultivate thought leadership, which themes and trends can you speak to, how do you create a meaningful dialogue with clients on social media...

Workshops for teams

Global positioning, thought leadership, internal communications and company culture, (inter)national media relations, strategic communications planning model for teams

One-on-one coaching for leaders

Coaching and custom-made communications training: English elevator pitch, external and internal communications, non-verbal signals, soundbites, messaging

Individual coaching for employees

Goal is to improve specific skills: internal and external stakeholder management, copywriting, media relations, integrated communications, strategic planning model...

Way of working

Together, we determine the best approach, depending on the type of project and your preferences as a client.

Up works at an hourly rate or with packages that include the following:

  • Briefing
  • Plan / Counsel / Workshop / Coaching
  • Feedback and follow-up
  • * Can be organized in English / Dutch and online / face-to-face as you wish